"Those slain by mighty Fenrir shall be bound to him until the end of all days, until Ragnarök ..."
"By force of ancient magic the soul can be bound to stone and steel. Only by either righteous battle or true love can it be released to find salvation ..."


(you can watch a video trailer about the book below!)

A story about German soldiers in WWII written by a German author

A mysterious special order from the High Command of the Wehrmacht sends an elite troop of German mountain infantry – the “Gebirgsjäger” – on a suicide mission.


Soldiers Konrad Hartmann and Daniel Kemper are assigned to Finland. There they take part in Operation Barbarossa, the mass offensive against the Soviet Union.

However, the two friends quickly realize that their actual mission is quite different. Under the leadership of SS-Obersturmbannführer Rudolf Krieger and a strange woman with even stranger skills, their elite unit soon separates from the main body of the German army.


Obscure hints on a stone tablet from the Viking era; two ravens that appear only to a few; impenetrable fog that not only fools the senses – but also shifts time? Konrad and Daniel stumble from one danger to the next and ultimately onto a path no mortal should tread.

WWII meets Norse mythology – a gritty, explosive mixture full of surprises.

Video trailer "Operation Thule"

"It looked as if hundreds of fireflies were racing through the air. The innumerable shots and gun salvos merged into a single, long thunderclap, a choral work of destruction ..."

Reviews from Amazon Germany (translated):

This mix of WWII and the supernatural/fantasy is highly entertaining and reminds the reader of a version of Indiana Jones that plays in the forecourt of Hell, in particular because it is told from the perspective of German soldiers.

The reader can expect an action-packed (and yes, sometimes brutal) chase through various theaters of war and places of Norse mythology. The book develops a pull, both because of the setting and the fact that the author succeeds in skillfully weaving the “supernatural” into the story.

What an adventure!

The writing style leaves you no choice but to read on: I really thought that I could hear the bullets whizz past my ear, and more than once I had the feeling that it might be best to take cover behind my couch.