Hello, dear readers!

I could have chosen a photo like the one above, with me wearing casual office wear.

But, this section is called “About Me”, so presenting myself in formal getup would be misleading. Therefore, I picked this photo which shows me sitting at my beloved drum kit during one of the gigs I´ve played with my metal band.

While I love playing the drums, writing has become my calling over time. Sports and the drums both run a close second.

One aspect of my life is of course much more important than books and music – and that´s my family. ​I have a wonderful wife who supports me however she can and a five-year-old daughter, a snotty-nosed angel I love more than anything else in the world.

My books are like a metal track—fast, packed with action, and sometimes dark and cruel.

I began writing stories during my studies. Initially, I wrote them to hone my English skills for the exams at university, but I quickly realised how much fun it was, so I put in more time and effort. While I still work as an English and PE teacher at a German high school, I went part-time a few years ago. The rest of my time is spent writing fiction, which is a dream come true. I enjoy reading fantasy and science fiction books most, and I tend to write mostly in those genres, with the occasional dip into thrillers.

At the beginning of my writing career I mostly wrote short stories to learn the necessary skills. Although I´ve studied English, I decided to write in German, as I realised that competing with native American and British speakers would be a race I could only lose—writing in my mother tongue was challenging enough. There was A LOT I had to learn.

​After a while, I sent my short stories off to competitions, and many of them were published in anthologies and magazines. By now I´ve written more than a hundred short stories, and about half of them have been published. Then finally I felt ready to write a novel. After the first one was finished, I wrote a second, then a third and so on. When a novella of mine was awarded first place in a writing competition, I had the feeling that I was on the right track, though I knew that my journey had just begun and lots of obstacles and setbacks were still waiting for me.

When a publishing company accepted one of my books, I was thrilled. One by one, other publishers sent acceptance letters, too. By then, the self-publishing movement that began in the US had swept into Germany. So, I decided to hop onto that train, too. One could say I´m a hybrid author who has published books both with traditional publishing houses and on his own. Both come with advantages and disadvantages, but I´ve never regretted my decision to find a personal balance between these two different worlds of publishing.

And then, one day, I felt ready to try my luck by releasing one of my books in English. So, here I am. OPERATION THULE is my first release. Although I could have translated the novel myself, I knew that I could never have given it the flair and polish of a professional translation. So, I had it translated by a professional, and that was definitely the right choice. Now, OPERATION THULE is out there, waiting for readers who are keen to embark on a suspenseful journey ...

And because I loved everything about the process (thank you so much, Henry and Jen!), one of my fantasy trilogies is being translated as I write this.

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Best wishes,

Peter Hohmann